Game Day Groomsmen Photos: The Photo Trend That’s Taking Over #WeddingTok

If you are frequently scrolling through #weddingtok, you may have noticed a new photo trend among groomsmen. Read our blog to find out everything you need to know about “Game Day” photos for your wedding.

What are Game Day Photos?

The newest photo trend among groomsmen encourages you to get ready for your big day like you would the big game. 

Many professional athletes will post photos of them walking into the stadium before a big game dressed to the nines in sponsored brands and luxury clothes. The goal of this photo trend is to recreate these almost paparazzi style photos while you walk into the wedding venue the day of the wedding. 

These photos feature your groomsmen carrying suits and other formal wear for the day of, smoking cigars, wearing sunglasses, or even drinking Whiskey straight from the bottle. Since this is a fun photo trend, the poses are completely up to you and can be as casual or formal as you want. 

Best Poses for Groomsmen Photos

Photos of the groomsmen can be one of the most fun parts of the wedding day. We always encourage our couples to try out fun poses with their wedding party for getting ready photos. This creates a memorable part of the gallery for you to reflect on for years to come and documents the fun you had on your wedding day. 

Our Favorite Groomsmen Photo Poses

Here are some other wedding photography poses for memorable groomsmen photos that we love! 

Dapper Details

Let us capture elegant shots of cufflinks, ties being tied, and hands adjusting suit lapels. These shots can emphasize the finer details of the groomsmen attire.

Getting Ready Candid

We’ll capture the candid moments as the groomsmen help the groom get ready, like adjusting his tie, putting on the boutonniere, or sharing a laugh.


We’ll grab shots of fun toasts with the groomsmen raising their glasses and sharing a celebratory moment before the ceremony.

Formal Yet Fun

We can take a classic formal shot but have the groomsmen strike playful poses like jumping in the air or making funny faces.

Matching Socks

If they’re all wearing the same socks or shoes, line up and let us grab a shot of just your feet, creating a fun and unique photo.

Groomsmen and Props

Incorporate props that reflect your interests or inside jokes – musical instruments, books, movies – into the photos for a personal touch.

Funny Faces

Take a series of shots where each groomsman makes their funniest face or pose, resulting in a collage of hilarious expressions.

First Look of the Bride

Opt for a first look with the groomsmen to capture the moment they see the bride for the first time!

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Remember, the most important thing is to capture the essence of the groomsmen’s friendship and the joy of the occasion. Mixing posed shots with candid moments can help tell the complete story of the day.

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