Cristina & Sean’s Love Story | The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve

Memorable Moments from Your Philadelphia Wedding Videographer

Here at New Pace Weddings, we have the privilege of filming some of the most precious moments in a couple’s lives. We love having the opportunity to capture partners’ love and connection on their special day as they commit their lives to one another. Long after marrying, our couples get to revisit those special moments and share them with their loved ones through our memorable cinematic wedding videography.


We recently had the honor of using our wedding cinematography services to film the marriage ceremony of Cristina and Sean Albert. Cristina and Sean met on back in 2016. Sean had recently moved up to New Jersey for work, and Cristina was in the process of finishing graduate school when they first met. Their first date took place at Stephen’s on State Steakhouse, and it was love at first sight! They spent the next three years traveling and spending time together as they strengthened their relationship and love for one another. 


Sean and Cristina became engaged on September 19, 2019. Cristina came home one evening to the sound of their favorite song — “Shallow” by Lady Gaga playing in their bedroom. Cristina walked into the bedroom and found Sean with a beautiful arrangement of sunflowers. He told Cristina to look out the window, and when she did, she saw light-up letters strung across their backyard that read, “Will you marry me?” When she turned around, she discovered Sean on one knee. 


The couple’s special day arrived on November 7th, 2020 at the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve, and the day couldn’t have been more breathtaking! Their first look was especially lovely, with gorgeous fall colors surrounding them. During the first look, they stood back-to-back for an intimate moment. When Cristina and Sean turned around, they saw both the love of their life and their best friend in one another. 


Cristina and Sean’s favorite moment of the day was by far the ceremony. Cristina surprised Sean by having a trumpet player play their signature song, “Shallow,” as she walked down the aisle. Sean was a trumpet player in college, so he was thrilled to hear the song that had so much meaning to their relationship. 


The couple wrote their own intimate vows and shared them up on stage. They both expressed their love and commitment to one another in front of their friends and family. Cristina told Sean that his selfless love had changed her life, and Sean said to her, “you will forever be my always.” We were so happy our wedding videographers captured such a beautiful and unforgettable moment on camera so that Cristina and Sean can relive it over and over again!


When it came time for their reception at The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve, it was jam-packed with great music and dancing. Cristina and Sean’s first dance was accompanied by exceptional musicians that made the reception even more memorable. Their guests had a great time dancing to upbeat songs with colorful lights that brought even more life to the whole event.


Sean and Cristina adored the final wedding video we crafted for them, and especially enjoyed how the music in the film aligned with the elements of their wedding day. They are so thrilled that they get to share their special day with their loved ones who were unable to attend the event because of COVID-19. Now, they can share their cinematic wedding film with their friends and family, and relive the special moments for years to come.


We wish Cristina and Sean the best life together, and we’re so thankful that we could make their wedding even better with a video to capture all the memories of their beautiful day.


If you’re looking for top-notch wedding videographers near Philadelphia to film your wedding and craft it into something you can cherish forever, contact us here. Let’s make your special day even better!



Venue for Ceremony & Reception: @The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve 

Photographer: David & Gabriela Versano via @Versano Photography