Ashley & Brandon’s Love Story | John James Audubon Center

Weddings are breathtaking occasions, and at New Pace Weddings, we pride ourselves on making our couples’ wedding day even better by preserving every special moment. We’re so happy to have the honor of filming some of the most significant moments in their lives. Our videographers capture all of the romance and festivities, and we craft the footage into cinematic wedding videos. 


We were so blessed to film the wedding of Ashley and Brandon Rogalski. Ashley and Brandon grew up on opposite sides of the country – Brandon in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, while Ashley grew up in San Jose, California. They both attended medical school at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine where they met each other during school orientation. After feeling an instant connection, the two immediately became great friends. 


After getting to know one another, Ashley and Brandon began dating soon after. Their medical school friends called them by their celebrity couple name “Brashley,” and they all knew that “Brashley” had a future together. They grew closer with another as they traveled, tried new foods, and made fancy cocktails. In their first year of dating, Brandon and Ashley went on monthly anniversary dinners to celebrate their relationship. 


Brandon surprised Ashley with a romantic and fun proposal and arranged for their friends and families to watch and celebrate the occasion with them. Some of their family members even flew into Missouri without Ashley knowing it! He popped the question at a Missouri Winery where they had one of their first dates. They celebrated the event with their friends and family, and Brandon arranged a party bus so that they could keep the party going after leaving the winery. 


Ashley and Brandon were engaged for two years as they balanced wedding planning and their medical residencies. Their special day arrived on May 18, 2019, and it was absolutely heartwarming and charming. 


They celebrated their union together at the John James Audubon Center just outside of Philadelphia, a stunning venue that features 175 gorgeous acres – just perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Brandon and Ashley had a beautiful ceremony outside where they declared their love and devotion to one another with their vows.


After the ceremony, Brandon and Ashley had a great time dancing and celebrating with their loved ones. Their favorite part of the day was the love, support, and happiness they felt from their friends and family.


They were so thrilled to have a cinematic wedding video that preserved their special day! Ashley expressed that it captured the wedding day perfectly – it showed all of their sentimental moments in addition to all the fun and joy they experienced with their family and friends. We’re so happy that we could provide Brandon and Ashley with a sentimental film that they can forever treasure and share with the people they love. We wish them a lifetime of joy and happiness!


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